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2022 Pool Supply Forecast

April 1, 2022 


Some pool supply shortages will persist through the 2022 season. Here's what to expect (and how to prepare).

We would love to say that the Trichlor shortage of 2021 is a distant memory, but we can’t. As we prepare for the 2022 pool season we are already working with our suppliers and would like to keep you updated on what to expect.

What to Expect

  • Trichlor and Bromine Tablets will continue to be limited due to raw material shortages. But this is not necessarily a bad thing - here's why
  • Cal-Hypo availability will also be constrained due to increased demand for the product.
  • On some products, the packaging will change from a bucket to a heavy-duty bag due to the availability of raw materials.
  • For all products, expect longer lead times. In some cases, this could mean months, not just a few weeks.

How to Prepare

  • Purchase Early and Often - You will likely not be able to “stockpile” supplies, but have a plan in place to order early in the season and purchase often, well before you run out. 
  • Seek Alternative Methods - Be willing to try something different. Here are some Trichlor Alternatives to consider to help manage your pool through the current challenges.
  • Keep in Touch - Keep an open line of communication with your Chadwell Supply Representative. They are continually updated by our purchasing team and vendors as we work to keep you supplied and informed. 

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