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We can provide training classes in every market we serve. Classes are designed to guide technicians and managers through the learning process for all types of repair and maintenance. Our certified instructors have years of experience in the maintenance, repair, and operations of multi-family properties. Real-life experience with real-life solutions.

If you have questions about our classes or the CPO and EPA certifications, please visit the Chadwell University FAQs.

"I could not believe how engaged our Maintenance Technicians were in your recent HVAC training. The instructor offered good tips and good examples of how things can affect our properties. this was top-notch training. It really made me appreciate the partnership that we have with Chadwell Supply." - Frank Buchanan, VP of Property Management, State Street Group, LLC


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University Courses

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Appliance Troubleshooting Class

Our hands-on program provides students with the skills and experience to service all major appliances, from washing machines and dryers, to ranges and refrigerators. This class will involve Tear down and Trouble Shooting.

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CPO: Pool & Spa Operator Training & Exam

Chadwell University is an approved provider of the PHTA (NSPF) CPO certification. This 2-day course covers filtration systems, chemistry, sanitation, maintenance, State & Federal regulations, liability and risk management, and more.

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HVAC EPA 608 Certification Review & Exam

The Federal EPA Section 608 Certification is required for anyone who services air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Only certified technicians may purchase any regulated refrigerant. (Study prior to this class is required.)

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HVAC 410A Certification Class and Exam

Because R-410A HVAC systems operate at considerably higher pressures than other refrigerants and require technicians to use different tools and equipment to install and service, safety training is imperative,

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HVAC A to Z Introduction

Learn how to troubleshoot and repair HVAC systems. Seminar includes terminology, tools, charging procedures, thermostats, evaporator coils, compressors, head pressure, fan and electrical systems and much more.

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HVAC Industry Changes Class

The U.S. heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) industry is experiencing rapid change. Anyone who works on air conditioners and refrigerators must be aware of these technological and regulatory developments.

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Basic Low Voltage Training Class

Learn fundamental and advanced skills of troubleshooting HVAC electrical systems. Practice proven diagnostic techniques to apply immediately on the job with the skills and confidence to tackle any electrical system malfunction.

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Maintenance for Managers

Taught at expos and conferences on a National, State, and local level for many years, this course includes "Going from Good to Great," dealing with service requests and maintenance emergencies, resident retention, and more.

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Maintenance Safety Awareness Training

Safety must be a priority for maintenance associates. This ½ day class is an introduction to OSHA and regulations maintenance must follow. The course covers common sense applications and ideas to keep techs safe on property.

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Chadwell University provides NAA-certified CAMT Instructors to facilitate CAMT programs hosted by local Apartment Associations. Contact your Apartment Association or visit NAAHQ.org for information and to find CAMT in your area.

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