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Unforgettable Service

We are here to make your day easier.

We know MRO because we only do MRO. From our customer service specialists and sales reps to our warehouse staff and drivers, our mission is the same: to provide our multifamily customers with unsurpassed service and selection. Every member of the Chadwell Supply family is empowered to help you however they can, whenever they can. So much so, that we have become known for our customer service in the industry and that in itself makes it legendary.

The Customer Service Team is always just one call away, ready to help you find the right product and answer any questions you have. Reach them at 888-341-2423.

The Special Orders Team can help with that hard to find item or replacement part. Learn more about Special Orders.

The Sales Associates in the field, many with extensive maintenance and management experience themselves, will partner with your on-site team. They can help with orders, troubleshoot issues on your property, and even coordinate other Chadwell Supply resources that may help you such as renovations, training, and customized orders.

The Warehouse Teams and Delivery Drivers strive every day to maintain our exceptional industry-leading fill rate and ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly and correctly. 

Our hardworking teams welcome your feedback and the many kind reviews we receive. To tell us about the exceptional service you have received from one of your Chadwell Supply partners, just email us.

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Kind Words From Our Customers & Friends

Keeping the Project on Schedule

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about my experience with John Price at Chadwell Supply over the course of the last 2 weeks here at Palmetto Creek. Pretty late in the evening on a Friday, I informed John that I may be leaning very hard on him in the coming weeks to keep [my] crew supplied and that there will certainly be several ASAP orders to come.

In the following 2 weeks I was at Chadwell Supply picking up materials almost daily along with having 8 full kits ordered and delivered by them and personally ordered countless items saying, “as soon as it’s ready, let me know.”

Each and every order that I placed went flawlessly and John and the warehouse staff were on top of them and were pivotal to keeping me supplied the entire time. I even ordered items at nearly 10pm one night for the next day and they were ready for pick-up the next morning. In our business it is sometimes lost, the words of praise, so I wanted to make sure that you all knew just how instrumental John and Chadwell [Supply] are in our daily operations, but especially how they hit it out of the park the last couple weeks.

Jeff Hale, Project Supervisor
LURIN Construction
Palmetto Creek Renovation, N. Charleston, SC
March 5, 2020

A Well-Enabled Team

I want to let you know I received wonderful customer support from Heydi. She was courteous and informative. She had the information I needed at her fingertips...Clearly, you have spent time training, developing systems, and providing information so your team can offer great customer support. Thanks for enabling your team to assist customers working with Chadwell Supply.

Pamela M., Customer

On Top of Her Game

Hey, I just want to brag on McKenzie. She is always on top of her game! 

Wes R., TSM, Chadwell Supply

Worth His Weight in Gold

My sales representative Gerald Tingle is a gem. I have called Gerald when he has been driving on the road and he will pull over to help me place an order or even if I have a question about a product. His reply was “No problem, Karen, I will be happy to assist you, and take care of you anytime.”

Gerald is very knowledgeable about your products, even when I am describing a product that I don’t know the name of it. He helps me either by looking up a part in the catalog, obviously knowing the page that I needed. Gerald has also suggested better pricing for me; he is positively worth his weight in gold to me.

Karen Murphy, Community Manager
Cedargate Apartments, Shelbyville, KY
April 28, 2020

Outstanding Customer Service

We have been using Chadwell [Supply] for about the past year and I love them. My account rep is Floyd Jackson. The customer service is outstanding (Floyd is truly amazing!!) delivery is fast and dependable and the products come in great shape.

Billie Fridley, Property Manager
Fox Chase Apartments, Marion, Ohio
April 14, 2020

Warming Hearts & Homes

During the “snow apocalypse” of 2017, an employee that works with me was left without heat. He contacted a repairman to help fix the issue and quickly realized he couldn’t afford the work. Since he works alongside professionals in this field, he leaned on us for help. We suggested he contact Chadwell Supply to get a part, which would save him money. Bert Wray, not only helped him get the part, they did it as quickly as they could since he has a small child and wife at home. No one on site knows this happened. Only two people at the home office know this happened. Chadwell [Supply] didn’t do this for publicity or to gain more business; they did it because they could. They could have easily said, sorry we can’t allow individuals to order parts from us, only properties, etc. Again, another memorable moment.

A vendor partner is someone who partners with you in all aspects of the community. Chadwell Supply does that and so much more.

Gina Carter, Vice President – Portfolio Operations
Blue Ridge Companies, High Point, NC
February 27, 2017

Best in the business

Please let all of Customer Service know that we appreciate all they do for us! We have the best group of customer service individuals in the business! I get compliments all the time! 

Denise B., TSM, Chadwell Supply

Heading Off a Mistake

I wanted to take a moment to recognize superior service and give a formal commendation to one of your very dedicated employees, Plinio Bueno, who went the extra step and deserves special recognition.

Plinio is our local delivery driver here at The Park At Chelsea and he always does a superb job and interacts very well with our team here, but today's service really stood out in particular. Plinio caught a mis-order that was made and informed me immediately of the error and the steps needed to correct it. His forethought and attention to detail, combined with his advanced knowledge of the supplies and usage process of those supplies allowed him to give me some very helpful and eye-opening knowledge that I had not known prior to today. Plinio is a true asset to your organization and has character and ethics that are hard to find in employees. He went above and beyond today and I wanted to recognize his amazing worth ethic and loyalty not only to your company but also to your customers... we really appreciate it and will not forget it!

Hats off to Plinio, you are lucky to have him! :)

Shauna Connolly, Property Manager
The Park At Chelsea, Hudson, Florida
October 3, 2020

An Asset to Our Team

I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out to Tyler Anderson, our area sales rep. From the first time we were connected with him, he has been nothing but outstanding. We look at our vendors as an extension of our team and he truly has been a HUGE reason why we are successful at The Bricks at 6888 and The Brandt at 6851.

Tyler is a great asset to your team and we are so lucky to have him apart of our team as well!

Shelbie Hill, Regional Property Manager
Heron Property Management, Indianapolis, IN
December 4, 2020

“Johnny on the Spot”

I would like to take a minute and tell you how wonderful of an employee you have in Troy Morton.

I have been at the Lenox for 16 months and he was one of the first vendors that I met when I came and was very helpful at that point and 16 months later and 6 maintenance supervisors later he is still the best most knowledgeable vendor that I have.

There has not been one time that I have called and he was not available or able to figure out my question…when I call, he is still Johnny on the spot!

Deborah Ammend, Property Manager
The Lenox, Indianapolis, IN
May 21, 2020

Will Win You Over

Just wanted to send you a personal note concerning an order placed by Susan for one of my long time customers. He prefers to only talk to me but, in my recent absence, he called customer service for an emergency order and got Susan on the phone. He repeatedly told me today how extremely nice, courteous, and helpful to him she was - and he does not give compliments lightly! Great job, Susan, in reflecting great customer service!

CJ, RSM, Chadwell Supply

Brightening Someone’s Day

I just want to tell you how much I love the Chadwell [Supply] truck! Orders come the next day and the driver is so nice!!! Thank you!

Brenda Matthews, Property Manager
The Grove Apartments, Lake City Florida
June 11, 2020

People Who Care About Helping People

I'm writing this email to give a big shout-out, and thank you to one of your territory sales managers. Michael Stewart, has been helping me get PPE supplies for 21 of my properties. He has gone above and beyond and has exceeded my expectations. Michael has helped me on several occasions and projects without hesitation. He is without a doubt an asset to me and Bonaventure. Thank you for bringing on people who care about helping people and truly enjoying their job.

John Schojan, Director of Maintenance
Bonaventure Property Management
March 3, 2020

Getting the Right Product Quickly

Our rep is Bob Gottschalk and he does an amazing job at making sure we get the right product and quickly. He is always ready to help with any projects. Our Maintenance Supervisor says he is the best rep in his 30 years in the apartment management business.

Anne Boome Coker, Property Manager
RAM Partners, Knoxville, TN
March 5, 2020