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Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning and Restoration in 2 Easy Steps

February, 2020   Cleaning Chemicals

February 2020 


Even dingy, stained grout and tile can be cleaned and restored to look like new with this powerful two-step method.

For routine cleaning and maintenance, Chadwell Supply recommends a neutral cleaner to clean and maintain tile and grout in kitchens, restrooms, and other wet areas. 

In these cases, a 2-step system consisting of an Alkaline Cleaner to remove built-up soils, followed by an Acidic Cleaner to restore and brighten, is your best choice for renewed tile grout.

Step 1 - Use an alkaline cleaner to clean away surface dirt.

Alkaline cleaners react with organic (acidic) soils, loosening and lifting away wax, grease and oils from the surface, so you may easily wipe or mop them away.

Alkaline cleaners are also ideal for large soiled surface areas, such as tile grout in floors, showers, and in industrial settings.

We recommend Power Xtra, a highly effective, concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser, to lift away surface soils and build-up.

How To

Restoration: Dilute Power Xtra at 1:3 with warm to hot water.

General Cleaning & Maintenance: Dilute Power Xtra at 1:16.

  1. Apply solution with bottle and trigger sprayer, mop and bucket for floors, or with a pressure washer for large areas.
  2. Allow diluted product to remain on the surface for several minutes, extending the time for heavily soiled areas.
  3. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Allow the surface to dry completely.

Note: Alkaline cleaners are generally safe for use on all tile and grout
surfaces, including natural stone tile.

Recommended for occasional maintenance only as they can break down finishes and sealers.

Grout Cleaning in 2 Steps

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Step 2 - Use an acidic cleaner to brighten and restore grout.

Acidic cleaners tackle the stains that an alkaline cleaner can’t reach, by etching or removing a micro surface layer of the grout.

Acidic Cleaners also remove mineral deposits, rust, and hard water stains, in addition to etching the grout surface as a final step before an application of sealer.

We recommend Bath Buddy, a unique blend of acids and detergents, designed to release deep-set stains and remove mineral build-up.

How To

Restoration: Use Bath Buddy at full strength.

  1. Mask off any areas or surfaces not compatible with this acid cleaner (including metal and chrome).
  2. Apply product to grout lines with plastic trigger sprayer or pour directly onto grout from the bottle.
  3. Use a brush to agitate product to assist with the cleaning process.
  4. Thoroughly rinse treated surfaces with clean water.
  5. Alkaline Rinse: Dilute Power Xtra at 1:64 with water and rinse all surfaces a second time to neutralize the acid.
  6. Allow the surface to dry completely.

Note: Never use an acid cleaner on natural stone tile. The acid will etch stone.

Acid may be corrosive to metals and causes skin and eye irritation. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, and face protection when using.

A handy outline of this two-step process can be downloaded here. Used this guide to help with your next challenging turn or restoration project.