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Spruce Up Your Property for Spring

March 1, 2021


The wintery days will soon pass. Let's get ready to spruce up your property for Spring.

Spring has sprung! Well...for some. For others, it will be here soon. It is not too early to take a critical look at your apartment community's curb appeal to help ensure your property is looking its best. 

Your property never gets a second chance to make a first impression. Our free Curb Appeal Checklist can guide your team on where to focus their curb appeal efforts.


  • Exteriors free from dirt/mildew
  • Paint/screens/blinds in good condition
  • Signs/numbers readable
  • Breezeways/stairwells clean
  • Building/windows structurally sound
  • Exterior lights clean/photocells working

Parking Lots/Roads

  • Potholes filled
  • Parking/no parking areas/curbs clearly painted
  • Road and street signs in good shape
  • Parking space/garage numbers readable
  • Area(s) well lit/bulbs & photocells working
  • Area(s) free from trash


  • Free from trash/litter
  • Landscaping/mulch in good condition
  • Area(s) well lit/bulbs & photocells working
  • Clean from pet waste

Curb appeal is important year-round. But winter weather is tough on your landscaping and parking lots. It can leave your whole community looking drab and dingy. Start now to identify those areas and make plans to spruce up as soon as your weather permits. Download the Curb Appeal Checklist to help your team identify problem spots and make a plan. 

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