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Curb Appeal in Winter for multifamily properties

6 Ways to Keep Up Curb Appeal – Even in the Cold

January 2020  


When it’s cold (especially if there is snow on the ground) it can be easy to neglect curb appeal. Depending on your location, there may be a focus on just keeping things salted down. If you happen to be in a warmer climate, you may have a little extra time on your hands. Regardless, don’t lose sight of the importance of keeping grounds maintained in order to attract new renters and keep current renters happy. Use these 6 checks in colder months to help.

1. Signage

  • Make sure signs are easily visible, well lit, and in good shape

2. Landscaping

  • Check that bushes and trees are neatly trimmed.
  • Remove leaves.
  • Mulch flower beds as needed.
  • Check the condition of any potted plants.
  • Keep grass (if visible) trimmed and green.

3. Building Exteriors

  • Clean stains off exteriors (pressure wash if weather allows)
  • Keep breezeways/stairwells free of hazards.
  • Touch up paint in need of repair (if able).
  • Clean debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Replace/repair torn screens.

4. Trash

  • Outdoor spaces should be clear of debris, trash, cigarette butts, etc.
  • Trash disposal areas should be emptied often.

5. Sidewalks and Parking Lots

  • Keep sidewalks clear of snow and debris:
    - Salt early and often.
    - Blow/shovel/plow when safe to do so.
  • Address potholes and cracks immediately.
  • Curbs, parking spaces, and no parking zones should be clearly marked (repaint if able).

6. Lighting

  • Replace burned-out bulbs.
  • Ensure areas are well lit.

Download a Lighting Preventive Maintenance Checklist that can be used for a complete check of your multifamily property.

Southern United States
If you are lucky enough to work in a climate that has milder winters, take advantage of it! Use the season when it is enjoyable to be outside to tackle areas that may get neglected during the summer months.

Curb Appeal Checklist
If you are looking for a full Curb Appeal Checklist for the multifamily industry, look no further. This complete list covers the entire property from the front entrance to amenities and everything in between.